5 Advantages of a Walk-In Shower

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April 22, 2020

A piping hot shower is a perfect way to start the day.

It’s no surprise, then, that people in the US shower 7 times a week on average!

However, not all showers are created equal. Some are too big, inaccessible, or downright dangerous. The best solution to your showering requirements?

Walk-in showers.

Would you like to find out why that’s the case? Keep reading to learn 5 key advantages of having a walk-in shower in your bathroom.

1. The Bathroom Feels More Spacious

Walk-in showers remove the need for a large, cumbersome tub or shower cubicle.

You simply have a portion of the room that’s designated for showering. The area is waterproofed, of course, and a partitioning barrier prevents the water from escaping into the room.

That’s all. The room feels less cramped, because it is!

Some people go the extra mile and install a transparent glass barrier. This adds a seamless effect, removing visual obstacles and making it feel even more spacious.

2. They’re Easier to Clean

Standard showers and bathtubs can be a nightmare to clean.

Tubs, for example, have numerous bends, curves, nooks, and crannies that make cleaning them a challenge.

Stand-alone showers are even worse! You have to step into a confined space and somehow bend down to clean the tray, corners, and plug hole. That’s bad news if you’re older and/or lack the mobility required.

Walk-in showers suffer no such problems. You have a big, open space with no awkwardly shaped areas or attributes. The lack of hinges and door handles helps too.

3. They’re Safer to Use

Showers and tubs can be dangerous as well. Indeed, over 230,000 bathroom injuries that get treated in emergency rooms every year.

That’s especially true if you suffer from mobility issues.

It might be difficult to lift your leg into the bath, or easy to fall over on the slippery surface. Likewise, it isn’t uncommon to trip over the raised step that’s present in many standalone showers.

A walk in shower has no such obstacles in play. There’s rarely a step to bypass and you stand directly on the bathroom floor.

4. They’re Accessible to Wheelchairs

This point leads on from the last.

Basically, walk-in showers are perfect for anybody in a wheelchair. Needless to say, ordinary bathtubs and standalone showers are not.

People can access their walk-in shower with no frustrating, difficult, or dangerous obstructions. That’s great news in terms of maximizing independence.

5. They’re Durable and Longer Lasting

Ordinary showers have far more moving parts.

There are hinges, doors, handles, seals, trays, faucets, and fixtures. That all stacks up to a higher chance of something breaking! Things can get damaged or wear out more readily.

By contrast, a walk-in shower is stripped back and minimalistic. There are fewer things to break! Moreover, the materials in places are rugged and durable in nature.

Time to Install a Walk-In Shower

Every house needs a high-quality shower in the bathroom.

Yet some showers are more suitable than others. As we’ve seen, having a walk-in shower offers a wide variety of advantages over standard showering options.

Are you interested in having one installed in your home? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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