5 Essential Tips for Planning the Perfect Senior-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

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March 31, 2020

bathroom remodel

Did you know that Americans spend over $400 billion on remodeling and repairing their homes each year?

Although this may sound like a lot at first, this figure actually isn’t surprising. Not only can renovating your home increase its functionality, but it can also add to your property value and make your house feel more like home.

As we age, it’s normal to lose some mobility. One of the most dangerous rooms in your home is your bathroom since it can get quite slippery.

Are you thinking about undergoing a bathroom remodel? Keep reading for tips on completing a bathroom remodel for seniors.

1. Add Protective Bars

All bathrooms for seniors should come equipped with bars in or near the shower, bath, and toilet. Bars in the shower and bath will give you something to hold onto so you don’t fall.

Having bars on both sides of the toilet is also helpful for easing yourself up and down whenever you need to use the restroom.

2. Consider Getting a Walk-In Bathtub

One of the best things you can do when you remodel your bathroom is getting a walk-in bathtub.

If you’ve never heard of this before, a walk-in tub allows you to open an entryway while the tub is empty, sit down and relax while your tub fills, then drain the tub before you get out. If you have limited mobility, installing this feature means you won’t have to lift your legs to climb in and out of the tub.

3. You Can Also Upgrade to a Walk-In Shower

If taking a bath isn’t your favorite way to get clean, the good news is that you can also give your shower the same walk-in treatment to reduce your chances of falling.

Walk-in showers can be designed in several different ways to suit your needs best. For example, if you use a wheelchair, you can get a shower that allows you to roll inside and have ample space to wash up.

4. Don’t Forget to Add Non-Slip Mats to Areas That Get Wet

One of the easiest and cheapest ways you can make your bathroom space safer is to lay out plenty of non-slip mats in any area that can get wet. These areas could include your shower, your bath, and the floor around your sink and toilet.

5. Install More Storage Space to Eliminate Dangerous Clutter

If you feel like your bathroom is cramped, all of your clutter can become dangerous when you don’t have enough space to move around. Objects that can get knocked over easily can also increase your risk of slipping or tripping.

Installing more shelving on easy-to-reach wall spaces will ensure all of your belongings have a rightful place.

A Bathroom Remodel Can Be Fun and Affordable

If you follow these five tips on planning a senior-friendly bathroom remodel, you can stay safe without sacrificing any comfort or aesthetic value.

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