5 Design Tips to Know About Bathroom Remodels

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June 23, 2020

Did you know that bathroom remodels are the most common of all home remodeling projects?

Bringing your bathroom up-to-date not only makes you happy, it also gets a great return on your investment if it’s done right. 

Don’t start the remodel process until you’ve researched the latest features and materials people want to see in a bathroom. 

Are you remodeling your bathroom? If so, there are important design principles that you may not  know. Keep reading to learn 5 design tips for amazing bathroom remodels. 

Bathroom Remodels: Bathroom Renovation Tips

Gearing up for a bathroom remodel? Take a look at these 5 design tips. 

1. Splurge on High End Materials (But Only a Few) 

If your budget is keeping you from splurging on your entire bathroom, check out the prices of a few high-end materials.

Remember, your bathroom is not a huge space, so getting a top notch countertop or a couple of high-end fixtures may fit in your budget. 

These high-end touches give a bathroom a luxurious look without breaking the bank.

2. Consider Converting Your Tub

A lot of homeowners are opting for converting their tubs to walk-in showers or sometimes, in the case of elderly homeowners, walk-in tubs. 

If you don’t take baths, a bathtub is wasted space  in a room that doesn’t have a whole lot of real estate to waste. 

The plumbing is all there so it’s a fairly easy conversion. 

3. Keep Storage and Organization in Mind

When choosing a vanity, don’t just go for looks. Make sure it’s functional as well. 

If you’re the type who uses a lot of products and hair tools, plan for appropriate storage so your new bathroom is not cluttered.

Add the right amount of storage without compromising space. Keep the size of your bathroom in mind and don’t choose pieces that are too large.   

4. Focus on Style and Function 

Keep style and function in the forefront of your mind. Don’t let those two things get lost when planning your remodel. 

What type of look suits you? Contemporary? Modern? Farmhouse? 

How do you want your bathroom to function? Do you want your toilet hidden in a water closet? Do you want a tub? 

There’s a lot going on in that small space, so you want to get it right. 

5. Don’t Let Lighting Be an Afterthought 

Plan a lighting scheme for your new space.

Besides decorative lighting, you’ll want accent and ambient lighting to highlight your beautiful features.

Don’t forget task lighting for applying makeup or putting in contacts. 

Bathroom Remodel Design 

Now that you some design tips for a bathroom remodel, are you ready to get started?

Do you know who can help you build the bathroom of your dreams? 

We at Safeguard Bath Systems of Texas can take on any size bathroom remodel. We can handle the details of your project from custom tile work to bath to shower conversions. Contact us today.  

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