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March 5, 2019

Your bathtub conversion can also be a benefit to your skin. Skin therapy is becoming more common and the Pure Bubbles system is a great answer to those suffering from dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or ichthyosis. These issues can be reduced or cured with skin therapy and just 20 minuets. Skin Therapy Pure Bubbles

Skin Therapy Science

Micro bubbles are 10 microns in diameter, allowing them to penetrate skin pores which are around 50 microns in diameter. As your skin absorbs the maximum amount of oxygen, the micro bubbles exfoliate and clean all skin pore impurities while removing the fatty acid and body odor causing bacteria.

The Process

The special, patented, Pure Bubbles System combines pressurized water and ambient air to break down each air bubble. This unique process creates a silky-smooth, dense white cloud of regenerative micro bubbles inside your walk-in bathtub. Water from the Pure Bubbles system has over 70% more oxygen than tap water. This stimulates the natural collagen in the human body feeling glowing. This treatment purifies the skin by exfoliating and removing the impurities within the skin pores. Pure Bubbles also cleanses, hydrates and revitalizes the skin. You will immediately see improved moisturized skin elasticity, resulting in a reduction of the fine lines and wrinkles for truly rejuvenated and radiant skin.

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