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April 21, 2019

Walk In Tubs have many features and there are many reasons to have a walk in tub. With all the walk in tubs we’ve installed there are some top reasons people choose to have a walk in tub. After talking with thousands of clients, these are the top reasons we’ve seen customers decide to install a walk in tub in their home.

Walk In Tub

Fear of Falling

The fear of falling is real. Many have issues walking over the entrance of a traditional bathtub. A standard bathtub has a 17-19 inch rim that can pose a challenge for elderly, disabled or others with limitations. We offer a wide variety of walk in tubs, complete with tile, attachments and of course same-as-cash financing if needed.

Lose of Ability to Bathe

Some of our clients have lost the ability to bathe themselves. That means they require another person to bathe them and a walk in tub, makes it much easier than a traditional bathtub.


Many walk in tubs come with hydrotherapy options. Combining heat, massage and buoyancy, hydrotherapy gently massages the body. From arthritis, circulation challenges, fibromyalgia, diabetes and other common health issues, hydrotherapy can provide a better quality of life and lessen pain.

Whatever the reason, a walk in tub is a wise decision for many seasoned individuals. While there are other reasons to purchase a walk in tub, these are the top reasons for a walk in tub that we’ve seen.

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A walk in tub might be a challenge for some financially. That is one of the most common reasons people decide to wait on a new walk in tub. At Safeguard Bath Systems of Texas, we don’t want anyone to wait due to finances. Although our tubs are VERY reasonable, we realize that those on fixed incomes may still need help paying for their walk in tub. That is why we have partnered with several financial institutions to make it possible for anyone to purchase a walk in tub. There is no reason to wait. The pain and quality of life can improve immediately. Ask about our financing options today! Call us at 214-433-9460 for a free consultation!

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