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March 27, 2019

Walk-In Showers are great for the elderly. As we’ve discussed and it is widely known, accidents in the bathroom are one of the leading causes of injury. So, why is a walk-in shower a great idea for elderly or aging individuals?

Lose of Mobility and Strength

As we age, the human body naturally does a few things. One, we lose muscle mass. Sure, some are able to keep strong as they age, but most people will lose muscle and strength. A walk-in shower is ideal because it can include a bench seat. Not only do you remove the high step in over a tub, but you also allow for a person to sit the entire shower or when they get tired. Standing for a long time isn’t an option for those that have lost a lot of strength and a walk-in shower allows them to have a seat while in the shower.

Sprayer Attachments for Shower Heads

With the loss of mobility and strength, we can add a sprayer attachment for your walk-in shower. This is a great option to allow independence in the shower, but still keep it functional for those with a loss of strength and mobility. We provide a wide variety of options for shower attachments with our walk-in showers.

Grab Bars and Rails

Since strength can leave someone at any point or they just need some extra stability, we can install grab bars and rails with your walk-in shower. These are very cost effective and one of the easiest ways to make the bathroom and specifically the shower more friendly for elderly individuals.

Whatever your need for a walk-in shower is, our team can help you. With an abundance of experience, financing options and quality products, we are confident in our ability to provide you the best price and best service for your walk-in shower.

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