Walk-In Tubs

Walk-In Bathtubs

Safeguard Bath Systems of Texas is proud to offer a large array of Premium Tubs and Walk-in Bathtubs designed to meet our customers’ varying needs and lifestyles. Our products include 16 Gel-Coat Fiberglass Walk-in Bathtub models and a variety of products and systems for upgrading existing bathtubs. Hydro Dimensions also offers several Custom Jetting Packages designed to meet unique customer specifications.

Traditional hydrotherapy treatment involves the immersion in water. Hydro Massage Therapy introduces soothing warm air, stimulating water jets, or both into your bath to massage your skin and muscle tissue. You should consult your physician before starting Hydro Massage Therapy. You should also consult your doctor or therapist if you are pregnant, recovering from an injury, surgery, or have high blood pressure. Avoid eating a large meal or drinking alcohol before treatment.


  • Electronic Controls
  • Safe-T-Drain
  • In-Line Heater
  • 20 Air Massage Jets
  • 10 Hydro Therapy Jets
  • Heated Back and Seats
  • Purge System
  • Easy Access Grab Bar
  • Door Drain

Benefits of our Walk-In Tubs


Hydro Massage Therapy has been shown to reduce physical tension and mental stress. Immersing the body in warm water may reduce the secretion of cortisol and other hormones associated with stress. A study conducted by Washington State University’s Bruce Becker, M.D., showed that soaking in a 102 degree fahrenheit tub for 25 minutes produced relaxation and a decrease in anxiety.


Hydro Massage Therapy sessions may help reduce chronic pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions. The warm water improves circulation, which delivers oxygen and vital nutrients to muscle tissues. Water immersion also reduces the body’s weight by up to 90 percent, taking weight off the limbs and joints. The water jets used in Hydro Massage Therapy may also provide healing benefits by massaging injured, tense, or sore areas.


Hydro Massage Therapy can help reduce insomnia and promote restful sleep. This may be because the body’s internal temperature rises during hydrotherapy then drops afterward. The internal temperature drop prepares the body to get ready for sleep. Hydrotherapy can also improve sleep by relieving pressure on the body’s joints and muscles, which reduces night time discomfort.


According to Dr. Bruce Becker, water immersion and hydro massage may be a useful tool for people who have heart conditions. Hydro Massage Therapy can increase the heart rate without a corresponding increase in blood pressure. It can also increase the efficiency of the heart’s pumping muscles.


Arthritis, Lower Back Pain, Insomnia, Diabetes, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chest Congestion, Anxiety, Circulatory Disease, Stress, Balance Disorders, Varicose Veins, Hemorrhoids, Headaches, High Blood Pressure, Shingles, Colds, Stomach Problems, Joint Pain, Muscle & Nerve Pain, Fibrositis, Lumbago, Rheumatism, and Sciatica.

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