Why Walk-In Tubs are Safer

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February 26, 2019

Walk-in tubs are safer for a variety of reasons. Many choose a walk-in tub for the ease of access and safety if provides. As individuals get older, safety  becomes a real issue and a walk-in tub begins to make more sense. Walk-In Tub Independence is something everyone wants and a walk-in tub provides that for a longer period for many aging adults. Over 33% of adults over 65 fall each year. 80% of those falls occur in the bathtub or shower. So why are walk-in tubs safer? For starters they have a lower point of entry. A person doesn’t have to lift their leg up two feet to get in to a walk-in tub. Balancing on one leg can cause a person to loose their balance and fall. Additionally, our walk-in tubs have benches to sit on inside the tub. So, instead of squatting down really low to sit, a bench seat is available so it is easier to get up and back out of the tub. Our tubs are also deeper, allowing more of the body to be covered by water, enhancing the overall experience. Many of the walk-in tubs we install are also ADA compliant, have handrails and anti-slip flooring.

Health Benefits of Walk-In Tubs

The benefits of warm water for seniors can be many. What we hear the most is the lessening of aches and pains. Many also experience faster healing from certain injuries, bumps, bruises, burns and ulcers. Clients dealing with arthritis also experience less pain and greater mobility in their joints.


Many walk-in tubs have hydrotherapy jets that can be used. These are very similar to what you would find in an outdoor hot tub. These jets provide a massage and a greater benefit for aiding aches and pains. If you are considering a walk-in tub or if you think someone you know could benefit from one, please call us today at 214-433-9460 for a free estimate.

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